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The Lion of Caracas

For the 445th Anniversary of the City of Santiago León of Caracas, Capital of Venezuela, the Municipality of El Hatillo selected the Artist Jorge Dager to make a valuable artistic intervention of a work in resin and representative to the Lion of Caracas. The artist began his sketching stage, taking as inspiration the Suspended Series, in which the base would be represented by different shades of wood, which would later represent nails and rings that would be crossed with strings holding the represented fruits . Initially the artist applied a special base in light tone and different types of sandpaper, in order to prepare the work for the subsequent application of the oil.






After 2 months of uninterrupted work, the Work was unveiled in an act in the Plaza Bolívar of El Hatillo Municipality next to the authorities who came together. There he remained for several weeks in the Plaza Bolivar to the delight of its citizens and visitors, until a group of delinquents took it from the site. Days later it was recovered and taken to a workshop where later it was notified to the authorities the non-restoration of the piece due to the serious mistreatment presented.

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