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Venezuelan painter, hyperrealist, bodegonista, known for the forced handling of the close up within the composition, creating Works in medium and large format to Oil on canvas. He began his studies in the plastic arts under the guidance of the Master José Mohamed, from whom he would learn the technique and the craft and the admiration for the great masters of the world-wide plastic arts, Possesses studies of goldsmithing, enamel on metal and sculpture.




In his first works Jorge Dager leads to one of the most important artistic traditions: still life. His painting is steeped in a great realism, a refoundation of the subject with a refocusing of the pictorial object. Dager presents the fruits as protagonists, accompanied by guacales and cords that contain and trap them. Later years, these elements will be replaced by the representation of glass and plastic, attracting attention in that stage of “Transparencies”, critics of the European Union, who would grant the International Prize of Fine Arts Salvador Dalí in Pragha, The Czech Republic, making it the only Venezuelan with this honor to date.


The continuous search and restlessness of the artist takes years to represent the Horse and the work of the field, integrating for the first time the human figure in his Works. It is a stage of introspection, which reflects the world of personal experiences that tie it in a more active way with Nature. At this time Dager is part of the International Solidarity for Human Rigths Project, representing with his Work the first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Miami, Florida.


He returns to the workshop and begins the approach to new elements of contemporaneity, to which Dager involves the great spheres in his work; and this is how the refinement of the brushstroke and the handling of the lights are perceived. Follow the close up as a fundamental part of your proposal and you see a debugging in your Work.


Caracas is 445 years old and the artist assumes the intervention of El León de El Hatillo, a piece that brings it closer to sculpture, a new language that would take years after the hand of the master sculptor Jorge Salas. Next years he receives the commemorative medal of the Bicentennial of the Death of Generalísimo Sebastián Francisco de Miranda and Rodríguez.


Goya, Dalí, Manet, Picasso, would be some of the greats in whose works it was reflected in some time the bullfighting, reason why Dager begins to get involved in this subject, where the bullfigther, the bull and the square begin to take life in his paintings. We see then that the artist confronts the human figure in an important way, combining in his brushstrokes expressionism and hyperrealism.

At present the artist Jorge Dager continues to face new languages, combining painting and sculpture in his workshop, and being directly involved in the entire creative process of each of his pieces.


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