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Modus Perlucidus

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Jorge Dager

Splendor Varietatem “Modus Perlucidus” or “Transparent Mode” in Latin, is a departure from those traditional elements within the composition, which we were presenting for more than 20 years of career, the artist Jorge Dager. It is a bold and rebellious proposal, where light plays a fundamental role in the presentation of small and medium spheres on faint and diffuse backgrounds, preserving, as in his previous works, the relationship with the Oil as the only means of projection on the canvas . Modus Perlucidus does not come to represent caprices or essays, they are not investigative works nor escapes. They are internal challenges where modernism and its elements envelop its creator, and come to form active entities within the composition. Not in vain we return to visualize the medium and large formats, seal inecuanon of Dager. The vivid colors no longer tend to represent a seasonal fruit, a guacal or basket, but bring personality to various spheres that match the light, lead us to perceive dimensions or layers within the elements. Prevailing close-ups and forced close up on the main object, being the blur complements for the rest of the Work. The spheres and their importance within Dager’s proposal should not be taken by surprise, since the artist had flirted in previous works, painting glass and transparent bags with great realism. Modus Perlucidus is one of the best and most recent proposals of Jorge Dager, where technique and mastery go hand in hand, to present a refined work within one of the currents, which seeks the exact representation of a reality palpable and felt, which fights and imposes itself, before modernism.







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