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    Hyperrealist, as his work of art has always been characterized and returning to the forced use of the close-up in the compositions, the artist Jorge Dager returns to the city of Pragha Czech Republic with his work “Esperanza” of medium format, in which he reflects the maturity of the brushstroke and the masterful handling of the transparencies in the represented objects.

“I have very good moments of Pragha, and to return to her is to remember part of my history as an Artist”

Dager makes this reflection that takes us to the year 2002, when from the hands of the Director of the European Union of Art Critics, he is awarded the “Salvador Dalí International Fine Arts Prize” for his work “The Big Apple”. The jury was made up of prominent critics and artists from all over Europe and is a recognition not only of the plastic arts, such as painting, graphic arts and sculpture, but also includes figurative design.

The statutes of this important recognition are:

.- The Salvador Dalí International Fine Arts Award is awarded individually or collectively to creative art activity that is distinguished by its modern expression in art.

.- The Salvador Dalí International Fine Arts Prize is awarded to artists regardless of their culture, religion or political conviction.

.- The Salvador Dalí International Fine Arts Prize is awarded as a general rule on a continuous basis during a calendar year.

.- The Salvador Dalí International Fine Arts Prize can cooperate in the publicity and creativity of award-winning laureates of the Salvador Dalí world prizes.

.- Proposals for the Salvador Dalí world prizes may only be presented by full members and the honor of the Alliance. Each proponent is obliged to fully justify each proposal and is responsible for it.

.- The winners with the Salvador Dalí International Fine Arts Prize are invited to participate in alliance events at home and abroad and are able to communicate in an international context of culture.



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