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Jorge Dager / Artist

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Media: +58 414 124.9139

Mature green mango


“ “In Venezuela, one of the exponents is Jorge Dager. This painter has taken still life beyond the characteristics of works we know. His work and style come close to the illusionistic representation, achieving it through light, color, and of course, in the way plastic wraps represent on tropical fruits. “Mango is one of the main actors in his paintings . The artist selects him for his textures, for the vibrant yellow, red, orange and green colors of his skins. Dager enlarges the fruits, represents them well organized and grouped in baskets or in huacales. Play with lights and shadows to make them more realistic. It just seems to lack fragrance. Among his works include “baskets with mangos”, “The Seal”, “Tina”, and “Cromos”. Of this same current is Jose Antonio Dávila, that during some years incorporated in its stillborn natures boxes, fruits, vegetables. ”

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