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The work titled “Hades” was carved in wood of type Cedar, by hand, using gouge and hammer; what implies an important mastery and dexterity on the part of the Artist for the creation of the Work; which required 5 months in the workshop approx.

“La Talla is a sculptural technique developed since ancient times and involves roughing and polishing the material to shape”



Of the size, it was taken to the foundry to take out its mold in silicone and fiberglass for its subsequent reproduction in wax. It is retouched and prepared for the process of lost wax and then immersed in the stoneware liquids, which once solidified, we proceed to place the cast bronze.


At high temperatures and avoiding thermal shocks, the Work was emptied in bronze, and then left to rest.
With the work still raw, the respective patinas and pigments that gave the tone desired by the artist were placed.
“The patina is the layer of copper salts that is generated on the surface of said metal after the process of spontaneous corrosion, which occurs due to the tendency of all metals to return to their original state in nature”



The original Hades Work (Wood carving) was made in the year 2017.

By the year 2018, 2 works in bronze, of a caramel hue, whose weight oscillated in approximately 100 kilos, with measures of 100 x 100 x35 cm, had already left the workshop.

These works can be located in both internal and external spaces, visualizing them in a better way on the basis of simple irons.



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