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Title: Spain

Title: Spain
Technique: Oil on canvas
Measures: 100 x 150 cms
Year: 2017

Motivated to its culture and traditions, Dager approaches the Spanish art market, through the most recent works developed in his workshop between 2017-2018. Some of them walk us through daily life of the bullfighting environment, not as a judge or inquisitor, but as a hyperrealist artist, who beyond all, imposes itself as a faithful representative of this tendency and seeks to reflect reality as it is perceived: without modifying it, without pleasing it … simply transcribing it to the canvas.
Named “Spain”, by the artist, is a work that lets see beyond the canvas. At first, lets glimpse the figure of the horse in one of the central spheres represented, on which a cloak is insinuated at the top, delimited in tone with the striking background. It does not go unnoticed the sphere of a pure white tone that immediately captures the viewer’s gaze and that after this first impact makes him stroll through the rest of the elements that show lights and solid colors that are joined by cuts, giving the feeling of impenetrability and strength of the material itself represented. After these first discoveries, the viewer becomes an accomplice of the artist in the game of deciphering the rest of the hidden elements.
With his work “Spain” Dager seeks through his colors, his strength and his brushstroke, to pay homage to Spain and his artistic legacy.

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